Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what to do...

i got on the board late in the day...around 1600. i get word that one of our bikers was involved in a hit-n-run and is on his way in. wtf?! are you serious?! is he ok? i call him...he sounds shaken up but alright. i ask if he took down the other peoples information...nope! he arrives to the base...

6678...im ok. im a bit sore but i think im fine. my bars are bent and my front wheel is out of true but...im fine?

dispatch...wait, you didn't fill out a police report? you didn't get the other peoples info?

6678...the lady hit me and just jumped into her car. she took a picture of me as she drove away. i got the license plate.

...see, the lady took a pic to show that the messenger was fine as she was leaving. im assuming to show that he was fine and has no case. this really p*ssed me off...there's a more humane way to find out if he's ok...ask him!!! i asked the messenger if there were any witnesses but he didn't take that info also. i advised him to head to the police station to make a report. i know what the police is going to say..."not much we can do" but he should still make the report. he should have done everything in his power to make sure they didn't leave. he might be ok but his bike wasn't...he needs it for WORK! if he can't work then he's not ok.

there's another way this could have played out. a friend of a family member was involved in a collision while playing a sport. she was fine for about an hour and then her memory started fading. soon...she was losing the ability to speak. they rushed her to the hospital and all was fine. all head scans came back...ok. she did suffer a concusion and would spend the next 48 hours vomiting until she gets better. why do i share this story? cause the messenger was doored...he might have been ok at the moment but an hour later? who knows? the lady took the pic but what if he would have suffered a concusion? would she be there to snap a pic of him then?

moral of the story? do everything you can to make sure you have witnesses...make sure you take down everyones information...make sure you fill our a police report. the lady should have paid for the messengers bars and front wheel. unfortunately the messenger is no longer with us but he is fine. i wish him the best of luck in whatever else he will do. ride safe kids...peace.

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