Tuesday, August 31, 2010

UPDATE!!! mexicana headache...

the kids in chicago are scrambling to make magic happen and enjoy their time in guatemala...hope this is helpful to those who got jammed up by mexican...
from our superstar nico,
if you call mexicana air and talk to an operator within 24 hours of your scheduled departure they can put you on a flight with american airlines. nordy and i were put on a flight out same day, just 6 hours later. we will have to do it all again for our return flight, but it is not costing us any extra money. so if you ...haven't made new travel plans yet, this is an option (though more of a headache).
i was hoping some travelers would catch wind of this. the number to call is 1 800 531 7921. give them the reservation number or ticket number and they will do what they can.
chicago is rolling deep to the fun in guatemala...keep an eye out for them.  they cant be missed.  still bummed im not coming but it is what it is.  btw...for those not going...can we see some pics of the figure 8 please?  i hear chicago will not be putting in bids to host the worlds but dont count them out quite yet.  the sun will shine on our beautiful city soon enough...peace.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


for those of you going to guatemala for the worlds and flying with air mexicana you might want to pay close attention...

Mexicana Airlines (Grupo Mexicana) suspends its operations indefinitely

The current administration received the company seven days
ago under Business Reorganization (Concurso Mercantil) and
technically bankrupt.

Financial deterioration and lack of agreements force Grupo Mexicana to stop flying.

Grupo Mexicana deeply regrets all inconveniences caused to
its passengers.

wtf?!?! get your money back and make other flight arrangements. this will definitely put many messengers in a bind. i hope you guys can all work something out to make it to the worlds. remember the madness starts september 3rd...good luck kids...peace.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

naccc's 2010...

we hadn't heard much from the dirty south crew and people were starting to get worried...i knew they would come through. head over to dirtysouthmessengers for registration and schedules. if you cats need help don't hesitate to contact them at nacccs2010@gmail.com...also, dont be afraid to hit up the no brakes crew. they are more than willing to help. keep an eye on the site for more news. good job kids...see you in october...peace.

Monday, August 16, 2010

a few years ago...

i was having beers with a fellow messenger...ryan boudreau. i gotta say...me and him didn't see eye to eye all the time but you could always depend on ryan for a good story. well, you could always depend on ryan to have your back but that goes without saying. anyway, he was telling me how he was headed to a pick up. i cant remember where but i remember what side tracked him on his way to the pick...

ryan...i saw this dude shoving this lady. i don't know if they were together but i jumped off my bike. beat the man down...then headed off to my pick.

j.dot...wtf?! hahahahahaha!! you're lying bro...no way you did that...

ryan...look at my hand.

sure enough...his hand was a bit swollen. i don't know how bad he beat this man down but im sure he deserved it. see...you could always depend on ryan to do random sh*t like this. he was/is the type of cat that would help anyone out. i still laugh at this story because he hop'd back on his bike and went to his pick up as if nothing had happened...haha!

the messenger community lost a good man, his family lost a good father, but...well, i know wherever he is now...he's still helping...peace.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

posted a while ago...

click to view larger...

this was brought to my attention by eight-7 a while back...came across it on my desktop and thought i should finally share it...haha! hope the messenger was able to be seen again so that the lovely lady could help with the tiredness...oh-messenger love! btw, quit looking so tired...you're making messengers look bad...peace.