Saturday, August 28, 2010


for those of you going to guatemala for the worlds and flying with air mexicana you might want to pay close attention...

Mexicana Airlines (Grupo Mexicana) suspends its operations indefinitely

The current administration received the company seven days
ago under Business Reorganization (Concurso Mercantil) and
technically bankrupt.

Financial deterioration and lack of agreements force Grupo Mexicana to stop flying.

Grupo Mexicana deeply regrets all inconveniences caused to
its passengers.

wtf?!?! get your money back and make other flight arrangements. this will definitely put many messengers in a bind. i hope you guys can all work something out to make it to the worlds. remember the madness starts september 3rd...good luck kids...peace.


candles said...

This is slightly disconcerting... especially since my flight was for this coming wednesday morning.

trash said...

chicago dudes-- all 5 of us minneapolis guys were booked on mexicana as well, and we have no access to even their ticket counters up here. if you find anything out that can help us, please email

thanks! said...

i'll spread the word for you minneapolis. good luck. andrew...hold strong and make something work. you have got to get out there. guatemala will be right up your alley...peace.