Friday, December 31, 2010

a resolution for bike messengers...

i still look back at my days as a bike messenger...why? to be was probably the greatest job i had. i didn't have as many bills as i have today so there's no way i could do it just doesn't pay but it really was a great job.

i remember having some really horrible days. you know...days where the weather was just disgusting, days when security was treating you like sh*t, days when the traffic lights weren't know, those type of days. i also remember the days when things would just flow, work was more than steady, i was getting free coffee at spots, i was getting that extra smile from the cute receptionist, the security guard at that one building wasn't know, those type of days. then i think back at how many were good days at work and how many were bad days. to be honest...there just wasn't enough good days.

thats the problem with this industry...messengers have a short memory. well...there are other problems but i believe this to be one of the bigger ones. bike messengers only live in the now...which is great, for now but not for later. if you feed a bike messenger one days he/she is willing to be treated like sh*t for the next week or so because they only hold on to those nice days. the days they were fed. do you get what im saying? bike messengers only hold on to the glory days and seem to forget how crappy this industry can be on them. they dont realize that there is a future out there and they are a part of it. made over 100 today but what about tomorrow? i've made over 100 in a day and i've made about 50 bucks in a day. i've seen it happen to many. sh*t...i've seen cats make about 50 for two days of work. are you serious?! the thing is...they forget the fact that they made that little because of the one day...that one single day when everything just flowed in their favor.

to be honest...i used to think, if you put your time in the money will be there. that just isn't true. if you put your time in...the money will be there sometimes. that sucks. so this new year i urge bike messengers to drop the short memory and think bigger. to think beyond the day they are currently in. to think beyond, next week, next month, and so on. will things get better? who knows...but 10 years down the line...what will you have to show for all your work? yes, yes...i know all about all the great memories and friendships that get built. believe me...i have my fair share but memories wont help pay the bills and take care of your family.

happy new year kids...hope 2011 treats everyone better. ride safe...peace.


Jeff said...

Real talk.

Anonymous said...

The good days can't get much further apart. Thanks for the advice... I might even get around to taking it!

yui said...

Nice to meet you.
I'm always excited on your new story.

Kyle said...

I hear this. Real jobs are terrible, and I long for drinking brews on the wacker curve waving to boats showing that my day is going amazing but fuck cold dead feet forever. Grass is greener everywhere you go.