Monday, January 31, 2011

earn your stripes...

within the bicycle courier industry a lot is debated as to whether someone is a "real" messenger. i have my own feelings about the whole thing which has changed quite a few times throughout the years. this post isn't really to keep the debate going...maybe one day i'll bring it back up but for now, this is about how to earn your stipes quick and fast. the next two days will be the days messengers talk about...

Snow totals of 12-20 inches are possible between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon with locally higher amounts. Drifting and blowing snow will make travel dangerous and possibly life threatening Tuesday night.

personally, i think messengers should not try and brave these harsh conditions. if the storm really is as harsh as they are predicting...i say stay home. i know you guys wont listen...Lord knows you never listen to your dispatcher...ha! for those of you brave/silly enough to go out...ride safe. remember...i know you get paid to deliver packages but at what expense?

i know, i contradicting myself by saying "earn your stripes" but stay home. messenger mentality is silly like that...if you're out there puttig your life in danger then you're one of us/them. if you stay home...well, it'll be a while before they let that go...ha? some of you have to go out there and work. some of you dont. all im saying is...weigh the pros and cons.

again...ride safe kids. Lord knows if its really nasty out im not driving to work...peace.

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Kirk said...

"I am messenger, I know how to die but not today, not like this"
Some young fellow said that to me and my wife outside of Emon Doren's (sic)in Dublin during CMWC after hooking his pedal on one of the traffic blocking things they have over there when we had asked if he was okay and I said "Well, all righty then" perhaps that's what makes us who we are ready to die if need be not for the clients and dam sure not for the companies but for our own sense of honor. I don't know I'm half-drunk and reliving some PTSD from another job a long time ago