Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry christmas...

work on monday was rough. it was about 6 degrees all day and with the windchill it was in the negatives. i don't know how our crew does it but thank God for them. we weren't really busy but not many came out to play. i don't blame those that decided to take a breather from this weather. no matter what excuses they had...i don't blame them for not showing up. now...as far as our soldiers that did come out and play...well, yesterday was a great day for them.

we were running a bit behind because we were short staffed but that didn't matter. this time around the name of the game was get the work done and just keep moving. the minute i sat down and the first biker checked in with me i began to load them up. our paging system was down for the 302nd time this year...ha! so, i had to give most, if not all, the jobs verbally.

6721...two-one, at the mart holding one.

j.dot...cool, got a pen and paper out?

6721...umm, ok...go!

j.dot...ok, you're at the mart holding an east madison. let's see...go grab a 25 eash washington, 11 east adams, 21 south clark, on your way to drop stop by 1 south wacker for three more and while you double down for the tower drops stop by 71 wack and scoop up one more. soooo, lets see...thats 1, 2, 3, 7...cool, 7 picks. call me every three drops.

...all day it was like this and the work was not slowing down. our crew was just rocking. it was so cold out that they booked it all day to stay warm. not only because if you move faster the more body heat you will generate but because if you move faster the quicker you will be indoors somewhere else...ha! seriously, thank you to my crew...all day was hectic but they all got the work done. these next few days this week will be kind of slow. chirstmas eve is one day away. today may or may not be busy...who knows but what i do know is that i will have a good crew.

happy holidays to all messengers everywhere...

btw...i stole the drawings above from my good friend damara. she's probably the fastest lady messenger i've had the pleasure of working with. sorry forty-five...ha! check out more of her work here and don't be scared to purchase some of her work here...peace.

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FreshCommunication said...

ahhhh, its cool dude. she's pretty fast.

i liked it when the pagers went out, that texting thing was kinda a bitch. i never put in my pod's...

have a great christmas!

its jules btw