Monday, December 15, 2008

think warm thoughts...

just finished checking the weather update and it's six degrees right! they are expecting a high of 17 or so. you throw in the wind chill factor and it feels like 0 degrees or in the negatives. good luck to any and all out there today and the rest of this winter...not going to be pretty.

all that being said...i have a mini-cure for the situation at hand. tonight chris dilts will be hanging up the pics from the naccc's over at goldstar(1755 W. Division). if it's too cold for you cats to make it today don't forget that they will be up the month of december and maybe longer(?). also...tonight is round two of the irosprints. check out hipsternascar for details...madisons?!?! everyone and their mama should come out for way to stay warm is to keep moving...even if it is on a stationary bike.

you guys can thank me later for planning out your monday...peace.

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