Thursday, January 8, 2009

go home?

as some of you know i have complained about how difficult it can be to keep guys late. after putting in close to 8 hours of work the last thing you want to do is stay one extra hour with me. especially during the winter's cold and wet out. even if you're part-time it kinda gets dark out. you're the only one left. you might not get any work. heard me. cats that stay that extra hour with me run the possibility of not getting any work but i need to keep some cats just in case we have an evening rush or to help out drivers with picks and drops. parking late in the day is hard to come by in the loop.

my point is that lately im having trouble getting people to go! the exact opposite is happening. we enjoyed about a good two week stretch of steady to busy work but now we are slow again in the month of january. slow equals smaller checks...smaller checks equals no rent, food, or alcohol. the three basic food groups for a messenger. i know, i isn't food but it's my blog...ha!

6721...go ahead. kid. want to call it a day? it's kinda dead out.

6721...umm, i...umm...i rather stick it out a bit longer if thats ok. by me. i go down the list and just keep asking cats to go home...

1141...go ahead. like going home?

1141...naw. now that i live closer i think i'll just stick out here with you. got nothing else to do today. i'll be around mich/wack.

...what can i say, go home already!! can't do that. if cats want to stick it out with me then thats fine. i just feel bad keeping these cats late with me in the winter...especially when there is no work. before i tried to keep three guys with me. now i have about six to seven cats sticking it out with me. the good news is i don't have to beg them to stick around with me and i'll try to make it up to them later. now they just won't leave. i really hope work pics up sure it will. till then...peace.

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