Sunday, January 25, 2009


it's bigger than ever and there was no way the event could stay away from chicago...

Messengers and City Bikers from across North America will
compete on teams and individually.

Each event features general instruction and pace lines.

Competitions include Matched Sprints, Miss and Out
and others TBD.

Top Male and Female messengers from each city will
travel to NYC to compete in the Final.

Top male and female from the NYC event will receive
R/T airfare to Tokyo Japan for the 17th Annual

for more info head over to cyclehawk...hey, is there a separate category for dispatchers? some of us aren't as fast as we used to be and it would be nice to win a hat or something...ha! can't wait...peace.


Al said...

They messed up the flier. Imagine "Chicago Cuttin' Crew" where it says "XXX" said... thought something was odd when i saw that. thanks for the clarification...peace.