Saturday, January 23, 2010


i got my check from work yesterday and attached to it was a piece of paper. it's not that it hasn't happened know, the whole paper attached to the check. it's usually to tell us things about the company, insurance, and whatnot. this was something i truly did not expect.

the company was asking it's employees to donate to haiti...any little bit helps it stated. you had the option of 1$, 3$, 5$, 10$, and other...once the donations are in the company i work for will match whatever its employees will donate. you know...alot of bad things are said about chicago courier companies...there are definitely alot of negative things about this industry and those who control it but, this time, well, not this time. i struggle sometimes working here but not this time...this time i felt proud to work here.

i know, i know...i always complain about how much messengers make and no one has loot but, we also know that if you have money for beer then you have money to donate. messengers around the world came together to help our brothers and sisters in japan...for what? for a bike race that got a bit out of hand. im sure we can all dig a little deep here and there to give to those who do not have to fortune to even know the joy of such bike races/events.

cnn has some sad but great pics...

if you haven't done so already...donate! like the company i work for said..."every little bit helps".

im proud of those who gave and happy to work where i do(for now...ha!).

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that was a shame ah