Tuesday, January 26, 2010

when you dont listen...

you get punched...you cats will love this story. it's a story of one of our new drivers. not bikers. don't get me wrong...we have some special bikers but, as i've stated before, none come close to how special our drivers are...ha? anyway...lets get on to the story.

the days has been long and boring. not much going on these days. we hope it'll pick up soon but, for now, messengers are forced to take whatever they can. anywhoo...the driver is at his last drop in a suburb of chicago. he arrives but there's something wrong...

6806...say man...i can't deliver these packages. there's like four people outside of this bar and i think they're all cracked out. they're definitely drunk. they're yelling and kicking my car...i don't need this.

...i did my best to calm him down. i made phone calls but got no answer from the the sender or the delivery recipient. i notified the driver to just hold the packages and get out of there...

j.dot...say, i don't know whats going on but you should just get out of there. you're right...you don't need that. it's not worth you getting in trouble for some delivery. just hold the packages and dispatch will call you later as to what to do with the packages. we made phone calls and now we're just waiting to hear back.

6806...these people are crazy. i don't know what their problem is. they're all cracked out.

j.dot...like i said, get out of there. go home and relax. dispatch will call you later if we hear from them.

6806...you know what. let me check with the liquor store thats attached to the bar. maybe he knows whats going on.

j.dot...wait, what? listen...i've already told you to get out of there. it's not worth the delivery to get hurt. GO HOME!

6806...naw man, im not afraid of these crackheads!

...i stopped talking to him. there was no changing the drivers mind. he was on his own. some time goes by and i receive another call. turns out he somehow made it into the bar and apparently one of the ladies who was cracked out closed the door behind him. she then rocked him on the side of his head...wtf?! with what? i don't know...maybe it was just a straight up punch? all i know is the cops were called and charges are being pressed. i think the driver is still in the hospital...something about his equilibrium being off?

the story gets better...apparently the lady who rocked him might have been the owner of the bar and who the packages were for...haha! she opens the bar randomly for friends. doesn't really have a set schedule or anything...just opens up when they feel like partying. God i love this story. sometimes this job brings me so much entertainment. Lord knows we could use it in these slow times.

moral of the story...listen to your dispatcher. when you don't listen, you might get smacked...peace.

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