Thursday, April 8, 2010


guess what...the kids out in atlanta have the registration wide open!! it's been up for a while so if you haven't taken the time to check it and register...go there now. i really like the set up they have...

people with kids have priority housing and i get to register as a dispatcher?! what?! thats awesome. say...if i register as a dispatcher does that mean i automatically get 20 extra points or something? you know...dispatchers need a head start for two reasons: first, we don't ride as much so will naturally be slower. two, if we don't get the extra points we'll make your life miserable at work...ha!

in all seriousness...head over to dirtysouthmessengers and register. don't be afraid to volunteer as i know this will take alot of (wo)man power. good job to the kids in atlanta. btw, keep an eye on the site cause they have been throwing event after event trying to raise money for this. if you're in the area...participate. cant wait for more updates...check them out on twitter, facebook, and flickr.

see you kids in october...peace.


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