Friday, April 16, 2010

when pedals strike...

well...we don't really know what happened cause eight-7 doesn't remember but what we do know...he looks better now than he did before...ha!

im just jazzin'...what happened? the man simply does not remember. was he hit? nope. was he doored? nope. according to witnesses...something came out of nowhere and caused his front wheel to do a 90 degree angle causing him to fly over the bars and do a faceplant. he went to the hospital and they cleared him...well, he did get a slight concussion. no sleep i told him...stay in dim lighting and relax. thats all you can do.

i kept talking to him trying to figure out what happened. he was making a turn when all of a sudden his front wheel made the 90 degree. sounds to me like he had a good ol'fashion pedal strike...ugh! making the turn his pedal hit the ground causing his bike to get up in the air a bit...he was still in mid-turn so his arms were still making the turn but with no ground to push against...his arms kept making the turn but the bike didn't. next thing you know...he comes down with his wheel turned too far causing him to fly over the bars.

im really happy to hear the man is ok. he's got bumps and bruises on his arms and legs but his face took the biggest hit. he was wearing a helmet but in this didn't help. i am glad he was wearing it though. he'll be down and out for some time. this sucks for him but really sucks for me...see what i did about to make this story about me...ha! seriously though...he's one of the few that sticks around late with me. not only that...he's one of the better messengers on the squad. he will be greatly missed and i can't wait for him to come back out. heal up kid. i'll try and save work for when you come back...peace.


candles said...

Damn 87, I'm a tell you the same thing i told you when you were lying in the middle of the intersection of Chicago and Larabee and you asked me how your face was doing... aw shit, you looking real good boy! Heal up fine sir.

your loving co-worker,

cuddlemachine said...

87 is not a number to have.