Saturday, November 10, 2007

funny story...

yesterday i decided to hit up burger baron...when i got there it was pretty empty inside. i take it cause it was early but i had to go cause i was craving some chilli for some reason. as i waited for my order to take to work with me these two young cats started asking me if i was one of those messengers. sometimes explaining the whole messenger bizz is a little annoying but this time it wasn't bothering me. the funny story comes here...they started to share different funny stories they have witnessed cyclist do. i say cyclist but to them...anyone near downtown on a bike is a messenger. the best story was when a cyclist was coming up on a construction site of sorts. they were laying down cement/concrete and apparently there wasn't to many signs or anything saying that there was wet cement being layed out. the cyclist kept going straight and the front wheel sunk into the cement and flipped over his bars landing into the cement. bike and cyclist covered in the madness. i dont know about you but that was funny as hell to me. i couldn't stop laughing...the entire time i was thinking, what if that were me? would i laugh, cry, run, never come out into the public again, and so on...thats gotta suck but not for everyone watching.

this weekend is gonna be bananas...yesterday i picked up a couple of friends from the airport cause of the weekends cycling events. skids'n'tricks last night and today the sadie hawkins race. cant wait...peace.

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