Friday, November 23, 2007

turkey slows up everyone...

one of the longest days of the year. the day after thanksgiving everyone in the u.s. is busy shopping and not working. it's pretty much pointless for me to show up but it is payday for the bikers and there was still about five jobs that needed to get done. it'll be a quick day for me...i'll get off mid-day and then i'll head home to change and probably get rolling to join the crowds and the shopping.

on another note, wednesday was crazy. the weather was out of control...rain, snow, wind, and cold temps. took a while for bikers to show up...i dont blame them but it does make dispatching nearly impossible. anyway, by the time bikers came in we were slowly playing catch up the entire day. i pretty much was taken off dispatch...voluntarily(hope i spelled that right). i became an order taker and just watched the other dispatcher work. im sure i would've done the same but it was quite entertaining watching him tear the board apart. everytime he heard the magic word..."clean"...he dispatched about 7 to 9 jobs to the biker and left him alone until he heard that word again. meanwhile, i sat in front of a fan answering phones while my pants, tights, socks, and shoes dried. all the soldiers that showed up did an amazing job. im sure the other dispatcher will remember who was there for him...everyone gets hooked up...peace.

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