Wednesday, December 5, 2007

go fast...

this lady kept calling because she was placing an order through the internet but wanted to know what the fastest service would be. we kept going back and forth and after about 15-20 mins we figured out that all she needed was a bike messenger to go from 195 N Harbor to 321 N Clark on a solo...the solo is our fastest service, 30 minutes. so, we've wasted time on this super hot package trying to figure out what she wanted then she hangs up and places the order as a car solos i believe run about 45 minutes in the loop(i think). she calls back and we're at it again...back and forth for about another 10-15 minutes and she FINALLY realizes the bike solo is definitely the way to go. she hangs up and places the order through the internet again. in her instructions she types out, "GO FAST...PLACE TWO ENVELOPES IN BAG"...what? go fast? are you kidding me? you placed it on the solo service which means i will dispatch to next available messenger...he/she will do what they can to get the package done within the 30 minute window. the lady doesn't realize that there's a snow storm outside...its icy, windy, wet, and so on.

she also doesn't realize that harbor is way up the hill on east randolph and that 321 clark has a pretty slow freight(depending on the day). i let all that slide and i make the call..., 4-6

6646...what up? got a super hot solo up the hill for you. the lady requested our fastest messenger and i thought of you. she also said to..."GO FAST"...

6646...well, i guess i better do my best then...umm, where is harbor?

i couldn't stop laughing...where is harbor? priceless. anyway, the job got done on time and everyone was happy. i just think its funny that people dont mind us bending the know, red lights, pedestrians, sidewalks, stop signs, and so long as we "GO FAST".

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Damara Kaminecki said...

I am living vicariously through your blog. Comfortably, warmly, and vicarioiusly.