Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i lost the package...

christmas eve...we're still open because you never know what might happen. the car dispatch has alot more work than bike dispatch cause of people wanting to deliver last minute gifts and whatnot. i leave early...about two o'clock or so. meanwhile, the entire time im around there is a total of about four runs. alot of guys show up...not so much cause of the possiblity of working but because they want to see if they will be able to squeeze out some holiday pay. i've been working at this company for about three months so im still not sure how the holiday pay works for the riders but its still nice to hear that they will get something for at least showing up. the good story. 6689 shows up a bit late but nothing crazy. either way this doesn't matter much cause of how slow it is. i give him one coming out of the office because we dropped the ball on it on friday(not sure on the details) and he was the closest option...even though we are slow its a pain in the ass to have to come all the way to base to just have to head back out. anyway...the following takes place...

6689...say, julio? up kid?

6689...i got hit by a car and flipped over my bars. im ok but i've been looking for the package for the last 20 minutes and its not in my bag., what? are you okay? you sure you dont need anything?

6689...yeah, im good. the guy hit me but took off on me. not much i can do. what should i do about the package? me a second.

i talk it over with the managers and they start to panic. not once did they ask me if the 6689 was ok. at this point i got to bring 6689 to talk to those in charge as well as fill out an accident report. the report also consists of a drug test that needs to be taken within 24 hours. the drug test is for insurance purposes and to protect the company. not a big deal...or at least i would like to think so.

6689...say, julio? up? you getting close to base? the managers want to talk with you...

6689...yeah, im close. i figured out what happened...there's a giant hole in my bag.

apparently when 6689 flipped over his bars his bag ripped up on the pavement causing the hole and losing the package. not much we can do at this point. all is forgiving with the messenger...after all, its not his fault some jerk hit him. the package was lost, we call the company and apologize. now its time to make sure this company is treated nice for at least a month until the next accident. its a never ending cycle. im just glad that although the packages are super important in our industry, i ask if the messenger is ok first...package second.

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Jeff said...

Julio, just caught the site from Luke's link.

Beautiful site man. It's nice to have a genuine angle on the Chicago mess scene and the industry as a whole. Haha, taking me back to the 6388 days...

P.S. You always have your priorities right if you are immediately worried about the biker before the package. It will mess you up dealing with some of these packages you can forget what's really important.