Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fast...very fast...

man...the days have been super slow. don't know what to say...word is that it's just slow everywhere. no company is really popping more than any other. it's just not a good time to be a messenger. no one knows why it's just the way the industry is right now. as 6450 put it...maybe its the end of this sillyness. we lost 5-0 today because of the slow days. five-o will be missed...the man is/was a rockstar out there. very fast, never said no, just got the work done. as much as im gonna miss the kid i am also glad he's leaving...why? well, he, hopefully, will find a job that'll pay him more money in order to survive...also, his departure means more work to spread love with...i hope.

on another note, i was putting in p.o.d.'s(proof of delivery) from yesterday today in the big deal. i go through trying my hardest to read peoples signatures and the printing of their names. not sure who in this city taught how to write but some peoples writing is completely illegible...maybe people need to go back to kindergarten to learn how to spell again. it takes about three of us and about 36 minutes to figure out that the signature says "brown" exaggerating, it doesn't take that long cause usually i just type in "illegible" instead of trying to decipher this new form of writing.

anyway, i get through it but one p.o.d. catches my attention...why? well the time...meaning, the time the package was picked up and dropped off. it literally says...

pick up...1114

dropped at...1114

what?! thats fast...i could understand if it was in the same building but nope, this was from the merchandise mart to 213 west institute. there is no way the messenger, who's number and name shall not be stated, delivered that in less than a minute. you have to blaze thru about 7 lights...give or take. also, you have to head down an elevator and then when you get to the drop you have to be buzzed in and wait for another elevator. believe me...i used to love testing my skills and time but this is just too much. it gave me a good laugh...i adjusted the time and began my usual day. silly messengers...peace.

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