Monday, March 3, 2008

i've been thinking...

messengers love to brag...Lord knows i've done my fair share. lets see...i've been sent to the hospital about five times for ct's(don't know why im bragging about that). i have the fastest time from draft(633 N st.clair) to ipp(1313 W randolph)...thats package in hand to signature. i forget what the time is but im pretty sure that among the select few doing this silly competition i blew them away(messengers need to keep things interesting sometimes, especially when its slow). i also hold the record for most deliveries in one day at standard courier...72. seventy-two fucking packages...tell you the truth, i didn't even realize how many i had done till the day was over. i wasn't even tired or, at least, i thought i wasn't till i got home and i passed out. i've been through -15 degrees without windchill...40 mph winds...100+ temps...10 deliveries a day to 60 packages a day...i've been through alot.

that being all said...i understand messengers want to brag. i say, go right ahead but dont get out of hand. nobody ever told me to messenger...i could've easily worked somewhere else but i chose to stick around. lately there's been some talk about commuters not having the skills that messengers may or may not have. although riding for most of your time during the day throughout the city makes you a bit more skilled it doesn't make you unstoppable. that being said, please lets stop all the silly shit about messengers being a shit ton better than take away from many things that have happened.

what if ryan wasn't a messenger? did he pass cause he wasn't good enough to be a messenger? hell f*cking no...ryan was a father, a true soldier, a good friend and deserves more respect than all the silly talk going around. just cause matthew wasn't a messenger doesn't mean he could've been saved. things just happen sometimes...its out of our hands.

what about stanley? he isn't a messenger and has never messengered yet he's better than most messengers out do you explain that? he's also a part of cuttin' now what...should the messenger community shun the crew because of letting a silly commuter on the team? lets move on messengers...

so...this is me asking the messenger community to stop hating. yes, you should brag but just dont get out of hand with it...i love messengers(i cant leave the industry for some reason) and i'll defend all of them till the end but sometimes a dispatcher has to put them in their place...peace.


Max said...

I would have to agree with you on this one, julio. I wasn't aware of the shit talk, but unfortunately I was anticipating it. In addition to what you said I feel I should point out that most messengers know fuck all about riding in a pack, which in an alleycat like the tour, can be every bit as important as knowing how to cut lights smoothly. However, I think it's possible to attribute the ignorant things messengers are saying to their need to reassure themselves that what happened to Matthew couldn't possibly happen to them, and not necessarily some sort of animosity towards commuters.

trim w/ hate; ease w/ love said...

everybody's got something to prove. the underlying complexities of that fact are one of the things that is making this whole situation so difficult for me to talk about/etc. regardless... wise and refreshing words, dude. and good fucking blog overall (for a cub fan)

-kevin c

Scott said...

julio....this blog is awesome and i never read blogs. we talked about baseball on chifg probably a year ago...scott, if you remember. i am going to read this as often as i remember to. work hard/ride safe.

-scott said...'s good to hear those words from you. you're one of the few that has a level head out there.

kevin...this is the year. i know i really sound like a cub fan but this is truly the year. oh yeah, good luck with that chump swishbi*ch...ha!

scott...thanks for the good words and i do remember you. we still got some baseball talk to get to. especially this year, its gonna be crazy.

i guess this goes to glad people enjoy reading the silly stuff that happens out there...peace.