Thursday, February 28, 2008


today was an interesting started off with... down. other job(expected).
6686...sick. the flu is making a second round in case it missed a few.
6700...lost radio although called around 3ish to say she found it and was willing to work for about an hour. a late job after messengering. late show, didn't get out till about 4am...needed sleep(completely understandable).

so down five cats right off the bat. these are very good riders and they were missed tremendously...i still had very solid cats show up. also, i had a few late starts...also understandable but very stressful for the dispatcher, me. three riders for the first hour...six riders the following hour...eight riders by ten o'clock. as i've stated before we usually dispatch 20+ cats so this hurt on-time deliveries for the first half of the day.

i understand that its been slow and the days have been cold but if i had just a few more riders show up on time i/we might of had a chance to make most deliveries on time. either way, i/we spent most of the day playing catch up. im sure most riders were happy cause it kept everyone busy for a change. then one pm hit and we hit a wall of packages were being called in. not much i can do...i was forced to begin "spreading the love".

at times i had all my riders stuck in the loop which meant i had to dead-head some cats. dead-head(not sure if anyone else uses it) is a term used by the city board dispatcher who also happens to be a dead-head. it basically means that you send a messenger to a delivery all the way at one end to be dropped all the way at the other end with nothing in-between. the good thing about my dead-head pick-ups is that i tried to sit on a couple to give messengers time to get to the pick up so that they had more than one to drop. this meant that i ran the risk of having late deliveries but at this point im looking out for my riders...we made the drops on time so it wasn't a big deal.

on another note, one of my messengers lied to me when i asked him if he had a few pick ups on board. the client called and was wondering when someone would make the this point we're running late on them so we apologize for that part. anyway, we begin to tell the client that the envelope will be dropped within five minutes and the second drop within ten...not a big deal except for the fact that the messenger never picked now i look like an idiot...we're forced to do the whole apology bit and get the messenger over there to take care of the drops. i really wish cats wouldn't lie to me. i wear a headset so management doesn't hear what messengers tell me...conversations can be a bit silly at times. that being said, just tell me the truth and let me come up with something to tell the client and/or the management...make your deliveries and i'll take care of the rest. i have no problem taking the heat but please, please, please be honest with me so im not stuck with my pants around my ankles...peace.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, that is a horrible picture. I'm going to print it out and laminate it and put it in my spokes. Whenever you call me on the radio I will look at it and imagine your mouth moving.

Yeah, it has been a slow few weeks. I'm not the fastest guy around but I remember last month I usually ran at least 18-23 a day. Now it's more like 14-17, which ain't good. Today's check was $170. Also not good. Hope things pick up soon. said...

you have officially depressed sorry kid. yesterday i had 6464 tell me he needs more than 10 runs a day. 6463 went to an interview cause he needs the loot. i dont blame him at all. its not easy to live under these conditions. all i can do is apologize and hope that things get better...soon. these past weeks have been shitty.

i did notice that the tax season is finally kicking in for a few companies...towards the end of the day we got a little rush. nothing crazy but i have a feeling the good days are finally coming back until the next slow season...its a never ending cycle.

Jeff said...

Oh man. I remember the commission game bringing out my opportunistic side as well. I would work some dispatchers just as much as they would work me. I'm glad you can say something to your boy to let him know you're on his side and he should be honest.

I see you drawing in some promising rooks. Sucks you got nothing to give 'em. We've been slow for the last few weeks too. Keep your heads up fellas, there are the good weeks too.