Wednesday, February 20, 2008


not sure what is going on but the hancock has been only using one freight elevator lately. maybe companies are moving in or out...maybe there's construction...maybe...i just dont know. the building is getting very annoying.

prior to september 11th the building was fairly quick. you were able to take the regular elevators along with the regular people. all you had to do was write your name and number on a sheet of paper and then you were up and running. after 9/11 security had to be bumped up...i understand why but still frustrating. they installed a messenger center of sorts at the dock where packages could be dropped and picked up. the pick up usually took longer than dropping cause the drop literally just consists of getting quick signature. for some reason the messenger center was taken out of the building and then messengers had to check in through the dock and they are given a key card to the floor they are supposed to go through. once the key card was in your hands you make your way to the back where there are two freights you can take.

a couple of problems with the situation of the key card. if the company has several floors and you go to the wrong one you basically have to go all the way down and get another key card to go to the correct floor. the same happens if the company has moved to a different floor. also, reception is pretty bad at the building especially when the messenger is waiting for the freight...we are basically at no communication and hopefully things are getting done. i said, they only have one freight the messengers can use lately(not just bike messengers...all messengers). this kills time like crazy...i have guys waiting anywhere from 10 to 30 mins for an elevator to show up...thats ridiculous. this causes messengers to be late on packages and causes the messenger to lose out on other runs cause of no communication and time wasted waiting. we are keeping track of the wait and are charging for it but it still frustrates me, the client, and more importantly, the messenger. if a messenger is frustrated then he/she cant think straight...i dont need a messenger riding in downtown chicago not thinking straight.

on another note, at least its not 135 south lasalle...messengers go through a similar process but have to leave their bag at the dock. wtf? anyone can pretty much take it cause security doesn't really keep a close eye on the bags. its ridiculous...peace.


Jeff said...

ahhh yes. The wonderful Cock. I am hoping to one day impose a bad building fee. Anytime someone sends something to a building in which a BICYCLE has to use the DOCK (AKA CAR PARKING AREA) entrance there is a charge. If we have to drop bags, that's a charge. Jokes and jokes and jokes.
Have you seen the NACCC logo? It warms me up when I'm sitting there waiting for security at 135 to sign my name in for 5 minutes even though the dude sees me every single day and apparently can't learn my damn name...whatever. said... there a link to the flyer. or load it up to your site so i can link it. please.