Wednesday, February 27, 2008


this year is alot slower than expected. i wasn't around at this company last year but every messenger company knows that this time should and usually is busy around the tax season. unfortunately, this isn't the case this year...i have 20+ riders and not enough work to keep everyone moving. im forced to "spread the love" as much as i can but its annoying to show up to a pick up and see other packages laying there but you cant pick them up cause your dispatcher is "spreading the love". it's gotten to the point that it's a bit hard to keep track of every single one of my guys(guys includes ladies also). i forget when i have one guy dropping in a building and realizing it late and sending someone else to pick up where the other is dropping. i mean, i gotta spread the love but i also have to keep everyone happy...this means i have to give each cat a good set every once in a while. anyway, that aside, it wasn't that bad of a day today...not high numbers in deliveries made but i kept guys moving around enough that it made the day go by somewhat fast...or at least i'd like to think i kept everyone moving...

6719...300 south riverside, standing by.

6719...wait. i just realized i got only a few minutes on that orleans. what? sorry. im going crazy here and i forgot about you. sorry. ya, get that off and we'll go from there.

6719...forgot? im gonna pop-n-lock all the way there.! i definitely wont forget you now. the image of you popping and locking all the way there is too much there is no way i can forget what you're doing.

it's come to messengers are telling me funny jokes so that i dont forget what they are up to...ha!

on another note, 6721 had a drop at a messenger center...rather not say which one. anyway, the lady at the center signed and also placed the time the messenger arrived according to their clocks. 6721 takes the manifest back and before putting it away scratches off the time cause its one minute off...ha! the reason i am telling you this is cause the lady at the center called to complain because she felt that the messenger was placing a fake time and not the true time. i understand her, she's just covering her side of the package in case someone says that the package was dropped at a specific time. either way, i had to deal with the issue and my manager was having trouble understanding that although the package made it there with plenty of time regardless of the due time 6721 most likely scratched it off cause he is using his wrist watch and/or because the center is messing with his time. how dare day say it took 8 minutes and not 7 minutes to drop...oh messengers. you gotta love them...there is so much pride that people dont see. if it was me...i would do the same...peace.

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