Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super tuesday...

woke up early to get in my vote for today. i have the late start so its not a big deal...got to work earlier than expected. haven't worked a normal shift in about a week and was hoping to get a "welcome back" from some of the guys but instead it was business as usual. it actually felt better this way cause we literally picked up where we left off.

anyway...the day was slow. i'm assuming that many people were out voting throughout the day...also, most people were probably trying to get work done early to allow them time to race home to avoid the snow storm headed our way as well as give them time to get into the polls. we decided to let a few guys go home early to give them the chance to cast their vote...also, this opens up the board for the rest of the crew and it doesn't make the day seem dead.

tonight we get hit with a snow storm...tomorrow we ride careful...peace.

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