Wednesday, February 13, 2008


everyday i have to figure out who's going to stick around late with me. i have the late start and stick around until six or a bit later. not too many jobs get called in from five to six but i still need at least three guys to stick around and help the car dispatch pick up jobs for the drivers. messengers get a cut for handing off the package plus its overtime pay at that time. anyway, when the temperature is 50 or higher its very easy to convince people to stick around but lately, this chicago weather has been making things difficult. i still find a few that'll help out but it takes alot of convincing(at times).

on another note, we got a call yesterday requesting a silly delivery. the client wanted a messenger to meet them at thompson center(100 w randolph)...not a big deal cause alot of cats hang out there anyway. the client was going to meet the messenger there with about 30 or more the client basically didn't want to deal with the security of the building and wanted us/the messenger to go through the entire 10 to 15 minute procedure to get the balloons up to lisa madigan's office. it actually isn't a huge deal and probably would be easy money for one of my guys but its annoying when clients request us to deal with the silly procedures of buildings just because they dont want to be treated like that. you take the time to get the balloons there why not just take care of the rest? oh well...the beat goes on...peace.

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JP said...

man, stupid rich people. take your own damn balloons inside!