Thursday, February 7, 2008

finally... note pad. as they show up/call in i write their number down. then i begin the stand-by list if i have to. write their number when they are not working and scratch them off one by one as i dish them work. once they clean up and i have no work for them to scoop i write their number down again and location...mart, loop, north, and so on.

today finally felt like things were back to normal. as i stated...last week will be known as "hell week". i had to work from midnight to 8am and it was really hard for my body to adjust to the new sleep schedule. i also put in an extra 12 hours of overtime...not a huge deal but i started to feel the effects the last few days.

that being said, today finally felt like nothing ever happened. i was the only bike isn't a big deal but can get a little hectic at times. as soon as i walked in i had to dispatch about 42 runs. alot of companies have sweeps...1 pick up location with various stops. i seperated the 42 runs in half and made two sweeps out of get paid a bit less for each run but most of it is just envelopes and they are usually all going in the same direction. depending on how quick the messenger knocks them out the pay out can be nice. in between the sweeps, sometimes, i try to squeeze in runs in the areas the messengers are headed...this all depends on how bad the board is looking. i gave the sweeps to two very dependable cats...6664 and 6589. triple six four gets one because he's a work horse...he's in everyday and never says no. 6589, although we had a rough spot in the beginning, gets it for the same reasons at six-four...he might say no at times but he's at work everyday and bikes in from the!

all day today was pretty steady...nice flow to things. i had most cats in the mid to late 20's in deliveries made for the day. not good but not bad, a few cats i had doing car work and there were enough super emergency packages to make a decent amount of loot for the day. i'm also dealing with alot of rookies...this was definitely not a factor. on a busier day i can see a few of them slowing up on me but today was perfect to become acquainted with them. they flowed the work perfect...very few mistakes. i also didn't have no drama from 6686 which was a big surprise...i think after our little spat things have cleared up and we both want whats make money.

towards the end of the day i finally heard something i've been wanting to hear..., six-five

6665...hey julio, you trying to call me? checking up on you. what do you have left?

6665...203 lasalle, cool...after your done with that one have a goodnight and all that good stuff. safe ride home and i'll see you tomorrow, we'll do it all over again.

6665...hey man, i missed you. dont leave us like that again.

on another note, mayor daley has helped pass some nice laws for bikers...not sure on the details but its something like...must be 3ft from biker when passing and no left or right turns in front of biker. thank God...peace.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your stuff, man.
Can't wait to try my hand at the bizz. said...

thanks for the good words...just remember to keep it on two wheels...peace.

lauren said...

hey, you can read more about the 2008 Bicycling Safety Ordinances here on the city's pages, here on the CBF blog, or here in the trib (with some epic user comments!).