Thursday, March 13, 2008

i'll take the heat...

it's been a while but the job finally won one battle. i had 6721 pick up a daily out of the tower(233 south wacker). no big deal. he heads up to the 81st floor as usual expecting there to be no pick up. since i've started working at this company last year i have not had anything pop out of the daily sweep...ofcourse today was different. 6721 shows up and the company tells him that they don't know what he's talking about...then one of the people in the mailroom decides that the package already on its way down to the messenger center must be the package he's there to pick up. up?

6721...julio, don't know what's going on. they think that it might be the package they sent down but it sounds shady. they said they sent it down to the messenger center but we never pick up down there and it seemed like they didn't even know what i was there for. no worries. go check out the messenger center and see if they have anything.

6721...what do i say? what do i ask for? ask for the (insert company name) sweep and see what they say.

two-one heads down to the messenger center and they tell him there is no package. i tell him not to worry about it and just service charge it. no big deal...the day goes on and i forget about it. ten minutes before i leave the company calls back to see what the hell is going on. the messenger center finally decided to take the package that originally we were there for back the company is pissed off...why is this package coming back to them? who messed up? the person who took the phone call calls 6721 to see what happened...he's not at fault but she's getting pissed off by the situation that she isn't listening to me explain to her the details.

i messed up big time. i was so used to having the company not have anything that i got lazy and didn't bother calling them to notify them that neither the messenger center downstairs or the mailroom upstairs had a package. oh this point she just places the notes in the order and i'll deal with it tomorrow...f*ck! im in trouble...on my way home i call 6721..., two-one.

6721...hey whats up? i know what you're gonna ask me..., i wasn't calling to ask anything. i was calling to let you know not to dwell on that package. that was all me...i should've called the company and informed them of their and the messenger center mistake. don't worry about's not on you its all on me.'s not your fault. it's the companies fault for not knowing to leave the packages upstairs. i think they messed up and wanted to pawn it off on us., either way, i'll take the heat on this one. sorry kid, don't even think about it anymore...i got this one.

these slow days are making me lose my head...peace.


Simon said...

I can not get enough of this blog. Keep it up. said...

thanks simon...i should really start leaving nicer comments on your blog. especially cause you won't stop being so nice to mine...peace.