Friday, November 6, 2009

it's been nice but...

if you start early then it's been a bit chilly but as the day goes on...its been nice out lately. unfortunately, it's been super slow also. im talking taking several naps throughout the day slow. like clockwork...i get complaints late in the day because it's slow. do messengers understand that dispatchers have no control on how busy a day might be? we can't force the clients to call in orders...God i wish the olympics would have come to chicago.

actually, i guess dispatchers do have some control but i swear i don't have any personal vendettas against anyone in our crew. sure, some of them p*ss me off from time to time but i'll do my best to dish the work out fairly and evenly. i understand that we all have to eat. i know, i know...messengers have heard their dispatchers say such things and still don't believe them. all i can say is...peace.

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