Tuesday, November 10, 2009

personal moment...

yesterday was a big day...full term. thats what the doctor tells you. what exactly is full-term? that means that the baby is all set...he can come out whenever he's ready and all is good. he's cooked enough and now we anxiously sit and wait for his grand entrance into our life. he's do around the end of the month but we're both secretly hoping he gets tired of being stuck inside and comes out to meet us soon.

i can't say enough about how excited i am. we'll he be tall, short, dark skin, light skin, what color eyes, what type of hair...damn! there's so many ways this little guy can go. we have a variety of traits in both our families...who knows? i've been trying to keep my composure about the whole thing but i know that soon...all that goes out the window. sh*t...i can already feel the tears coming...ha!

my wife has been strong through this whole thing. still working out from time to time...putting up with a stressed out job and then coming home to put up with me. all while carrying around the little guy...damn! i honestly don't know how she does it...i love my jess. we sit and watch tv every night...or at least pretend to. what we really do is talk and watch her stomach move around like a scene from aliens. our little guy is super active...at times, it looks like he's gonna rip right through her stomach. again, it's an amazing feeling...i can't quite put into words how it feels to be kicked in the face by your kid. all i can say is that i am happy. happy is good.

i apologize for sharing silliness. like i said, im happy...just couldn't keep that to myself...ha! btw...here's me practicing...

we'll return to me b*tching about work later...peace.


6706 said...

Congrats, man! Hope everything goes great with the little guy's arrival. I'm sure you'll have him rushing Solos in no time

Michelle said...

J -

Jess is a lucky woman.

Now stop rushing the birth! I want him to be born on his due date, damnit! Sharing a birthday with the Saravia kid would mean at least one more present for the little tyke... 'cause I wouldn't forget it!

j.dot said...

0-6!!!! what's up kid?!?! hope you're doing well...still taking great pics I hope. good go hear from you.

Michelle...it's looking like the little guy will be here sooner rather than later or the due date for that matter...ha! I can't wait for him to be around so I have poke him and sh*t...ha!

Thanks for the good words...peace.