Monday, June 16, 2008


i work from ten to six...not a big deal. most of the time i go in earlier. sometimes around 830, sometimes at 9. i take breaks from time to time...what do i mean by breaks? the short version...i take bathroom breaks. i rarely step away from my computer. the minute i do i pretty much lose some sight of what kind of work is coming in. jobs can pop up anywhere at any given moment and if i step away i might be too late to reroute a messenger to pick up or drop off. at any given moment a messenger can call me cause they are having problems with a know, wrong address, person doesn't work there anymore, company moved, and so on. we are allowed to work through our lunch breaks which is cool cause the company is willing to pay us to make sure we don't lose touch of what is happening. i basically eat all my meals in front of the computer...all while, answering calls from messengers and customers.

why did i say all that? simple...messengers rarely get breaks. it's not that i won't give them breaks but any good messenger knows that you have to keep moving if you want to make money in this industry. some messengers bring their lunch with them in which case they have to eat it somewhat early in the day because then you're lugging around your lunch from drop to drop and that can get tiresome. some messengers buy random food around town...again, any good messenger knows that you're probably better off going to gina for food. she takes care of everyone out there. most of the time i'll call someone in the middle of eating and some of them ask to give them one more minute and some just say..."i'll eat later".

rarely do i get a messenger ask for a lunch break. sure it happens but it's very rare. it's one of the few professions where a simple thing such as a lunch break isn't even given a second thought...peace.

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