Tuesday, June 3, 2008

simple math...

i swear it wasn't our fault. we were trying to plan it out properly. as some of you know it's been a bit slow at work. we've had busy and steady days but for the most part things aren't the way they used to be. that being said, we lost a couple of bikers recently...no big deal. this opens up the board but me and the other dispatcher felt that hiring another person to fill the slot would be ok.

so what happens? there's some miscommunication and we end up hiring two more people...damn!! well, we'll make due and hopefully work will pick up. then we get more news...a messenger that has been injured for a couple months now has been cleared to come back to work...what?! if you're doing the math you will notice that we lost two and got three and now we're up one messenger too many from what we originally wanted. it doesn't end there...a driver has had mechanical problems and his car is out of commission. he can't afford to not work so we give him the option to bike. no big deal for him because he has biked before...now, how many does that make?

-2 + 2(should have been one but...) = 0

0 + 1(injured biker) = 1

0 + 1(driver) = 2

now we have two more messengers than what we had when we lost the first two...not good but we'll make due. im sure the work will come and we'll spread the love accordingly but it's still annoying that even when you're trying to plan out the perfect amount for a crew it somehow doesn't work out properly...oh wells.

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trek life said...

shoot brother! i hope the work starts pickin up for ya, the crew needs to buy some new gear for the slow goin summer yo! good posts yo, freakin hilarious stories yo, im off to brasil, going to see if i can pick up a bike in rio or sao paulo.