Monday, June 2, 2008

silly messengers...

at the risk of making our company look bad i have to share some of these gems...i should state that the company i work for isn't the only one to experience messengers that are not all their(ifyouknowhatimean). anyway, this is mainly about drivers and not bikers...i know, i know, im supposed to be mainly about bikes. well, first off, not much exciting news to report. second, these are too good to not tell.

anyway, all these incidents have one thing in common...creative ways to deliver packages. these messengers/drivers were not given permission to do such things and they did have consequences...still, these are too funny. one driver, instead of calling us to see if we could get a hold of the person the delivery was going to decided to tie a rock to the envelope using some rubber-bands. he then threw the package over the fence and made it to the porch...what?! who does something like that? one cat was delivering to a big deal, right? well, he decides that he doesn't want to go all the way inside the school to make the delivery and approaches a little girl playing on the swings. he then gives her the package to deliver inside for him...what?! his dispatcher called him and asked him how old the little girl was..."i don't know...umm, 8?" yup, you heard right, he gave an eight year old a package to deliver...holy cr@p.

these next two incidents were done by the same messenger on back to back day, nobody was home. he didn't bother to tell anyone at base. the company sending the package called to ask where the package was cause the people at the delivery still had no idea where their package was. we call up the driver and he tells us in a very calm and normal tone..."it's in the grill in the backyard". what?!!! how is the person receiving the package supposed to know that the messenger left the package in the grill. sure, the docs may or may not have been sensitive materials but i was laughing so hard i thought my stomach was going to blow up. the next day the messenger is delivering to a different one is home. what does he do? he places the package on the flag pole and raises it...holy sh*t!! are you serious? how is anyone supposed to see that? who in their right mind does that? messengers are a special breed.

the last one is a special one...this messenger would stop at nothing to make sure the package was safely delivered. again, no one was home. everyone assumed all was ok cause the messenger called in clean. no big deal...wait. the client calls and is wondering where the package is at...awww, sh*t! here we go...we call the messenger and he, much like the other messenger, tells us he has placed the package on top of the fridge. wait...what? the man took a screw driver and unhinged the door somehow...he then walked into the house and placed the package on top of the fridge inside the house. how he put the door back is beyond me.

i gotta say this for messengers...they are some of the most creative people i have ever known. i know that this makes us and messengers everywhere look bad so i apologize to the messenger community but these stories had me laughing all day long. i should state that these incidents happened throughout many years and not recently. they did not happen to me and i have yet to experience anything this nuts as far as my bikers are concerned.

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jeff kao said...

These are priceless!