Friday, May 30, 2008

special delivery...

every once in a while messengers need assistance with mechanical issues. flats, need a wrench, and so on. what do we do? well, i call around and see if i can get them help from someone else in our never know, some cats might be rolling around with extra tubes to help out or have the right size wrench to take the wheel off and whatnot. sometimes, they are stuck having to walk to the nearest bike shops...not many options in the loop area. there's a bike shop on roosevelt and michigan...not far but definitely a hike, especially on foot. there's another on huron? and wells...again, not far but not in the loop. millennium park has set up a bike parking area within the loop which will help with's just annoying to have someone else fix a flat when you have all the tools except and extra tube or patches...ugh!

anyway, yesterday my fiancee caught a flat at michigan and ohio. no big deal...i made sure to teach her how to switch a flat and gave her all the tools she needs and made sure she always has an extra tube. the problem this time around is that her spare tube popped*t!! she calls me but i still have about 45 minutes till i get off of work. not much i can do. it's past five and i start thinking...maybe one of my crew wouldn't mind swinging by and helping her out. i remembered saying goodnight to 6721 at five o'clock but had a feeling he would stick around the downtown area for a minute. sure enough...i was right...!!

6721...hey, whats up julio?, you still around at the frog?

6721...yup., do me a huge favor? my lady has a flat at ohio and got an extra tube you can dish her? problem.

...thats what im talking about!! i love the fact that my crew will come through for me at a calls notice. he didn't get paid for the delivery but i will make sure to buy a couple rounds for him for taking him away from his brews on friday to help me out.

on another note, 6683 left us...*sniff/sniff*. before he started his weekend he calls me...

6683...eight-three, eight-3 up, what up?

6683...just saying good bye. it's been a pleasure working with you. thanks for everything. i found another job and it's my last day. i'll be checking the blog.

...awww, what a nice guy. he took the time to say good bye to little ol' me? that is just too cute...ha! seriously, the guy was at work everyday...never skipped a beat. he stuck around late when i asked him questions asked, unless his lady was being a pain...ha! i personally think he said goodbye to me so that i would give him a shout on here. will be missed kid, i wish you all the best...peace.


STC Captain said...

In case she is ever in need again - im at michigan and ohio downstairs from where she works. I always have extra tubes and CO2 in the desk drawer just in case i go thru 2 on my way in.
Ask for Rich at Chase Bank said...

i keep forgetting you're in that bank. thanks for the heads up...i'll make sure to let her know. btw, i hope it's ok if i link to your blog...peace.

STC Captain said...

always a pleasure to be a help to my brothers and sisters in the cycling community

Anonymous said...

I tried to call 6683 all week and I couldn't get a hold of him. Then you tell me he quit. Amazing how quick people disappear - on the job and elsewhere.