Thursday, May 29, 2008

shot myself in the foot...

the other day it was pretty slow...not much happening. messengers started to get a bit testy...rightfully but still stressful. one-two o'clock rolls by and i begin to talk to the other dispatcher about letting some cats go home early. no big's slow and everyone showed up to play. i begin with the guys that are here everyday and the guys that usually stay late with me. some of them resist and ask if they can stay longer and others realize that there's not much money to be made that day so it's time to throw in the big deal.

well, around 1530 or so i find myself with a small crew and the phones begin to light*t! i had a feeling something like this might happen. the late rush can be a bit annoying...first off, i let go of a few cats which leaves me with more work than i/we can handle plus i let go of people that usually rock-out for me. second, after a slow day of work the last thing my crew wants to do is push hard...sure it's money to be made but to get the engine going on full steam after spending the entire day sitting down is very hard to do.

it didn't end up being so bad cause the guys that left were happy to be going home and the guys that stayed enjoyed the one and a half hour rush. it was a good way to end the day regardless of whether packages were late or not. you just hope that the next day or the whole week isn't like that. it's cool to have a rush like that but it's even better to just have work.

on a side note, 6688 has left...not permanently, i think. he might come back. he is continuing his life as a chef and i wish him all the best. he did say he would be back but honestly, i hope he doesn't. not that i don't want him to, Lord knows the man was one of the best couriers i've had the pleasure of dispatching, but because he should be doing what he really wants to do and not what pays at the moment...peace.

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