Wednesday, May 14, 2008

silly clients...

sometimes we get some silly orders or, in some cases, silly clients come through. as some of you might remember...the whole "go fast" story. anyway, the other day the work was rolling smooth. nothing too crazy happening. had to cover some car jobs because the car board was beginning to get slammed. at the time it wasn't that big of a deal because, as i stated, things were running smooth and we had bikers available to assist the car board.

anyway, i was having 6665 pick up at 1050 north state and there was a pick up on north clark not too far from her. i call her up to notify her that im going to need her to roll a few more blocks out of the bike zone to help out with the work. no problem...

6665...hey julio. up? what up?

6665...i can't find this address are you sure it's right? sure. sure you're at the right location?

...i know, i know, it sounds stupid for me to ask if she's at the right location but you would be surprised how many times messengers walk into a building swearing they are the right address only to figure out that they walked into the wrong building. it happens to rookies as well as vets.

well...she can't find the address. i call the client up to find out if they can give me more details. they didn't provide a phone number for the delivery, which is very annoying because instead of bothering them i could be calling the pick up for more details on how to get to them. the man picks up the phone... how are you? messenger is having difficulty finding the address location. are you sure the address is correct? i've had her walk in and out of a couple different locations to ask if that address existed but no one seems to know.

client...umm. sure it's right. are you sure your messenger is at the right location? do you have a phone number i can call to get more details? i don't see why this is a problem. has she tried looking around? what about asking other buildings? she has. also, at this point i might have to tell her to leave until you get more details for us and we'll place a service charge on this one and you will have to place another order.

client...what? why? it seems to me your messenger hasn't exhausted all her options... what are you...well, we can't seem to find it. you don't have a phone number and she's got other deliveries to make. i can have her go up and down the entire block but for every stop and there is no pick up there will be a service charge.

client...thats not very fair. you know what the location looks like? maybe if you shared some extra info we can speed this up.

client...i've never been there or heard of it but still...

...the client was really beginning to tick me off. "exhausted all her options"? i felt like screaming F*CK YOU!! he kept going on about how the messenger should use her intuition. i really felt like meeting the man to yell in his damn ear. anyway, the conversation went on and wouldn't you know it...a phone number for the delivery appears. now, was that so hard to begin with. he should have given me the number a long time ago so that we would have never gone through this exchange. i call the drop and find out the super secret entrance. everyone is happy except for me. i hate when people knock my messengers. sure i like to talk sh*t on them but i don't take kind to clients that want to talk bad about my crew...peace.

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