Tuesday, May 20, 2008

for rene...

a couple very good messengers that were accidentally left out...from rene...

Oh shit. I forgot to mention two more memorable messengers. I know it's too late but Jack Mclaughlin great friend and messenger and Jen Greenberg on my list of good friend, cyclist, cute and had a crush on. Well if you can squeeze it in cool if not I better apologize to them.


...don't worry rene, im sure they will forgive you. it's hard to remember all the faces that have come and gone. believe me. the other day i ran into patrick gipson...he said hello julio and i said hello. he asks if i remember him and i say no. i felt like a jerk but he understood...it has been a minute since i last saw him. he was a good messenger and a great person i can't believe i could not place the face...it happens in this industry. we live in the now and not in the then...peace.

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