Tuesday, June 10, 2008

not me...

the minute i got to work i knew it would be one of those days. no work on the board, meetings for everyone, and expecting rain. not too many people happy on mondays but this one was going to be longer for some reason...i knew it would. actually, i don't know why im complaining so much because apart from the usual bickering everything went pretty smooth. ofcourse everyone would like more work but it's the beginning of the week and month so slow times are expected. anyway, the day strolls along when i call 6738...

j.dot...3-8, 3-8.

6738....yeah, im here at canal waiting for the package but these people don't know their ass from their head so it's taking a minute.

j.dot...umm, why are you at canal?

6738...you sent me five total pick-ups. im headed to clark after this.

j.dot...i have no idea what you're talking about. i've been waiting for p.o.d.'s from the drops from the hancock. i have no idea what the canal and clark are. i never called you about them and i never sent them.

6738...oh yeah, so it's my fault right? i can't read and write now...alright, i get it.

j.dot...listen, don't get testy with me. if you want we can talk about this later but for now you have three pod's im waiting on. i never sent you any other orders, you know i always call you if im going to send you stuff. so, either give me the pod's or drop the three off you have then call me and we'll go from there.

...we both got a bit testy with each other for no real reason. what ended up happening is one of two things...sometimes the paging system pages the wrong messenger or sometimes other dispatchers type in the wrong messenger number. which one of the two happened? i have no idea. im my mind it still shouldn't matter cause i always call to notify messengers about pick-ups to prevent situations like this one from happening. obviously i was wrong...mainly cause it's slow and messengers will take work any way they can so it's sort of understandable.

today i don't go to work cause i have to do my duty as a citizen and head to jury duty. i rather be at work but welcome the time off from yesterday...peace.

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