Wednesday, November 5, 2008

black president...

november 4th, 2008 was a long, long, long day. i had to make my way into work earlier than usual cause the other bike dispatcher took the day off. it is/was a big day for american politics...presidential election. there were two ways i figured the day would go...either it will be busy as hell from the get go and then die around 1500 or it would just be dead all day. again, the reason for either one of these scenarios would be because history was about to be made.

i show up to work and there is no work. 18 out of 20 messengers decided to show up on a super slooooow day. companies throughout chicago have taken the day off or are closing early to give people a chance to attend the madness at grant park or at least witness history via television. so now what do i do? i dish out work one at a time...can't really load cats up with doubles or sets cause i have to spread the love. i could tell cats were getting pissed...i don't blame them. as usual i try my best to spread the love all while anxious to get out of work...i was one of many that was able to get my hands on tickets to the event.

i start letting cats go home around 1400 and little by little im left with just a handful of riders...honestly, even that was way too many. the managers at work started freaking out cause cars would not be allowed in the loop are we supposed to pull or drop packages after 1500?! well, i have messengers out there until six so we're covered till then but then i call one of your riders who i let go home early..., seventeen.

6717...hey, whats up?, can you do us a favor? we need someone to stay super late because of the rally. they'll start paying hourly after in?

6717...yup, let me see if i can get someone to cover my shift at my other job.

...many thank you's to 17 for coming out from six to midnight. i know, i was paying hourly and worth it but still can be very annoying. on another note...

november 4th, 2008...

i made it to the event of my lifetime...i felt honored and proud to be present while history was happening. today at work when 6758 checked in i apologized to him... kid. sorry for abandoning you yesterday. i had tickets to see obama and was getting anxious to go.'s cool. we have barrack obama and thats all the matters.

...i couldn't say it better myself...peace.


Anonymous said...

Unreal. UNREAL! I told Simon's comments I'm still smiling. It's true. How many complete strangers did you hug? How many times did you chant U!S!A! U!S!A! and not feel like a sarcastic asshole cause you actually meant it this time?

I don't know about you but I did it alot.

JP said...

haha! i was joking with jess that obama is bad for the economy cause chicago stood still while he was in town...great times indeed...peace.

jules45 said...

i had tickets too! it might have been the best night of my life. i was on the phone with my mom waiting to get in to the park when he won ohio and i was the first around me to find out and people just started hugging me and everyone around them. there was so much love around. just amazing.