Sunday, November 9, 2008

random thought...

when i used to work as a bicycle messenger i would do my best to get the work done quick. blaze through lights, hop on curbs, break through alleys, ignore stop signs, and so on...i know, i know, what are you thinking? well, i was only thinking...i need this package off so i can get more work. more work equals more money...after all, this bizz is all about commission. sure, there are companies that pay hourly but not many...even then, it's sorta like getting paid salary. they can work you as hard as they want and you'll still just make the same amount of loot daily. it works out on slow days but on busy days...commission is the sh*t!

anyway, back to the thought i want to get to. flying through the city it is inevitable that you will piss-off quite a few people. whether it's a cab, bus, pedestrian, and so on. cuttin' cars and near accidents will happen...well, accidents happen as well. even though cats are flying through city traffic i would say that most of the accidents caused are 70/30...70 being pedestrians. obviously this is just my opinion and im sure others will disagree but im ok with that...ha!

that being said, i remember one of my main fears was stepping off the elevator and just before getting a signature for a delivery, the cat i just pissed off for cutting off is coming in. does that make sense? my crew is flying through traffic making people angry but those very same people that are getting angry are the ones requesting deliveries. many, many people complain about messengers being dangerous and inconsiderate. what about the clients? we have a half-hour delivery service. messengers have to deal with security and freight elevators at buildings. then you want these cats to obey the traffic laws yet make the packages on time?! thats not how it works...many/most clients call up wanting packages delivered "yesterday". maybe they're putting in a bid, maybe they need to make a filling deadline, maybe the rent check is do at exactly 1300 and no later, maybe...well, you get the idea.

clients constantly call to request our fastest service cause they goofed up. then they take off to lunch and while at lunch they almost get run over by a messenger. they get angry as hell forgetting that they just placed an order to be delivered "NOW"...not good. im not saying any of this has actually happened to me or anyone in my crew it was just a random thought i had. the fastest service is the most expensive service but can be difficult to be delivered in the time frame if the laws were obeyed. i never, ever tell my crew to disobey the laws to get sh*t done...thats on them. i also make sure to let them know that although i need a package delivered quick...packages do not outweigh life. that being said, most cats hear the words "solo"(our fastest half-hour service) and they blaze...why? one...cause it pays. two...cause the quicker you run it the quicker you clean up with the possibility of having more solos coming your way.

not only's considered good customer service to rock out the packages fast. the faster you are the more work the company will dish out...the problem with that is that then they expect the same fast service all the time. then you run into, traffic, and so on. it's impossible to provide the exact same service 100% of the time. too many intangibles for that noise. you mess up once and you run the risk of of losing the*t, many, many clients call threatening to use other services. guess what people...they have the same problems we deal with. some clients demand a service reduction if the package is about 2 or 5 minutes! you have got to be soldier just road his as* off and put him/herself in danger for you to downgrade the package? silly clients.

it's crazy when you think about it...traffic laws cannot be obeyed all while trying to make enough to get through another week and, most importantly, while trying to get the job done on time...ha! all im saying is next time you're in the downtown area think twice before snapping off at messengers...they are just doing their job...even if it means breaking the law. ride hard and ride safe...remember, no package is worth it...peace.

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Anonymous said...

no doubt...the client should shit in one hand and jerk off in the other before griping, and see which one feels better.

as far as pedestrians causing accidents, i concure...theyre overwhelmed with sensory overload of tall buildings, heavy auto traffic and heavy foot traffic. the worst is when they jay walk and despite the fact that the bike is A.) in the right of way and B.) totally in control even when its close, they get pissed.

i will never forget the time i was in the wrong was a holiday like veterans day or columbus day and it was like a ghost town. i was on the east side and i came out of an alley, faded left across ohio, and hopped up the curb in front of a box truck. low and behold 3 old ladies went down like bowling pins...well actually the one in the middle went down and the other two just kind of teetered back in forth leaving me with a spare. despite the attempt to humorously describe this, i felt really bad. then i cleaned up and was on to the next set.