Thursday, November 13, 2008

keep it to yourself...

it was already after 1700 when we heard a city board messenger call...meaning driver... i just got hit by a biker.

car dispatch...what?!

driver...not me personally but this biker just scrapped the side of my car and took my mirror off.

...the first thought i had was maybe it was another case of biker versus driver and the biker took his frustrations out. this wasn't the case. the biker was a food delivery messenger working late. no big deal except for the fact that he was apparently riding like a maniac. i know, i know...i just got done posting about how messengers ride crazy cause of specific circumstances but i just didn't think the same would go for food delivery...unless im wrong? i would imagine that taking it light would be better so that food doesn't get ruined...again, i might be wrong so please, don't hesitate to correct me. also, this story comes from one of our drivers...he's a good guy but not sure how exaggerated the story may or may not be.

in any case...they discussed this story the next day when the driver came into base to fill out a report with HR. no big was crazy to hear that he got over $1700.oo in damage to his car by a! btw, the biker was fine according to the driver. obviously hurt but ok..."he was just sitting there stunned more than anything". they go on and on...

driver...i don't get it. some of these guys are quick to want to get life over with.

car dispatch...yeah. some of them ride crazy. just gotta be careful.

driver...i know. what am i supposed to do. these guys can get hurt or even die.

car dispatch...some of them do.

...then, one of the suburban dispatchers says, right under his breath..."not enough". wtf?!?! i could not believe the man just said that. i wanted to get up and just start beating on him till my hands went numb and then start kicking him till i couldn't walk. i turn around and look at him... did you just say?

sub.dispatch...(with a smirk on his face)oh, did i say that out loud? did. do me a favor, keep those type of comments to yourself.

...after that we didn't speak another word to each other. sh*t, even the next day we didn't. i wonder what today will bring. im sure it'll blow over but im still kinda pissed off at him for the comment. im all for joking around but the man was being serious and that f*cking smirk just made me want to beat the living sh*t out of him. i damn near walked outside to smart smoking again. luckily i went to my other bad habbit and pounded a diet pop...ha!

like i sure everything will be fine, just a bit annoyed by the statement is all. also, don't applaud the no smoking thing...sure i have a month and 2 days under my belt but it's also about the 9th time i quit this year. f* i feel like smoking...peace.


Captain B said...

What a complete asshole. I hope he has a near-death experience with a lorry some time in the near future. Or even better, I hope there is a change in his situation that forces him to work as a bike messenger for a year, then we'll see if he thinks 'not enough' bike messengers get killed.

trim w/ hate; ease w/ love said...

what a wasteoid.

peoplle who are riding for $ are gonna ride however they want, i guess. coming from someone who used to do that, i remember it getting to the point that it was somewhat necessary to go balls out crazy 5 or 6 times in my short career.

and another has-been opinion: diet pop > cigarettes