Thursday, February 26, 2009

are we slow?

my crew isn't slow but the messenger industry is. messengers all over the city are feeling the hit. i figure companies are cutting costs and are running packages themselves rather than have one of us take care of it...not good. well...maybe not literally themselves but a receptionist or mailroom worker...ha! im forced to dispatch one at a time...does anyone know how angry messengers get when you do this to them? im forced to send cats crosstown for one at a time...this really ticks messengers off. it's not that my dispatch skills are going out the window...well, maybe a little(ha!) but i just have to spread the love...

1168...are we really that slow?

1168...well, don't forget the rules of seniority. think in times like this those rules don't apply. anyway, head over to 205 east randolph for one.

1168...(he reads his pager)geez! i just did the math with the order numbers...we are slow.

...see, if you don't believe me just do the math. we have no work and i know for a fact other companies are struggling...why? cause cats come in to apply for work from other companies hoping we're busier. all this being said...i have faith that it'll turn back around. after all im a cubs fan and cub fans never lose hope...right? yesterday we had a sign of hope...

6721...say, where is this package going?, let me...233 north michigan. right across the street. won't believe this but the package is a coke can.

...if people are willing to pay us to deliver a can of coke then things are definitely looking up...peace.

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John said...

the other day i delivered a newspaper article..