Wednesday, February 25, 2009

austin, new york, and chicago...

i am well aware that many have seen these videos but i figure it won't hurt to repost...

saw this vid over at downtown austin...i can't remember how i got to that site. my favorite part of is around minute 2:40 when they make the package switch...has anyone actually made the switch that way? i like the ocean's 11 music playing in the background...nice.

i saw this vid over at callejeronyc. is it me or did i hear the lady saying..."even the most educated people are looking into, a bike messenger"? are people serious?! how many times must i tell cats?! the messenger industry is filled with talent and intelligence...oh wells, the beat goes on.

look at the four star're gonna tell me these cats aren't intelligent? as you can still angry at the new york lady...peace.

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