Friday, February 27, 2009

one of those days...

messengers all over the world will understand this. ever have one of those days where the flats just keep coming? actually, i guess cyclists in general will understand this also but when you make loot on your bicycle it makes the flats that much more annoying. yesterday the temps were in the high 30's low 40's? so it wasn't anything crazy...well, if it wasn't for the rain that started around 1030 and didn't end till four o'clock and started up again around 1730. i gotta give it to the crew out rained on them all day.

well...lets make a list of things that sucked yesterday...

2.still cold
3.still slow, well, the rain made it seem like we were busier

...when i came into work the other bike dispatcher had already had a couple of guys go down with flats. not a huge deal...they were able to fix them and get rocking again. then one by one they started to get flats again...6752, 6706, 6721, 6718, and maybe a couple of others. twenty-one had multiple flats. o-6 had to do the ol'dollar bill trick...i don't even know how the hell that dollar didn't rip up with all the rain. five-two couldn't find the damn leak...i hate those type of flats. he had to take it back to the shop and see if they could figure it out. eighteen...well, lets just say that he still might be angry...

6718...eighteeeeen! up?

6718...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*k!!! i got my sh*t caught in my chain. i was frozen in the middle of the f*cking intersection. im standing there like a f*cking idiot for like 15 minutes. my chain came off and now i have a f*cking flat. whats worse...i gave my last f*cking tube to twenty-one...aaaaahahhahahaa!! you're no good to me all pissed off. let me take that last package off of you and get out of here before it gets worse. if it makes you feel better...twenty-one caught another flat on his way out...ha!

...all he could do was laugh. it was one of those days. our guys just couldn't win against the flat-Gods. everyone and their mama went down. the good news...they all got the work done on a horrible day. so while the God's were doing everything to beat my crew down...they still came out victorious. thank you to all who came out to play yesterday...peace.

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