Wednesday, February 4, 2009

coming home...

well...just got back from philly. i guess i shouldn't say philly but i was close enough. i did venture into the city once and i also visited the bada*s's not really in philly. i think it's new jersey? to see some sharks, got to pet sharks, and saw some huge hippos sleeping underwater...holy sh*t! who does that?

anyway...on my way in from the airport here in chicago i got a phone call. my boss called me to see if i could come in earlier. scott, the other bike dispatcher, will be out and i need to cover. no problem. i stroll into work and im greeted by 124 packages sitting on a! i completely forgot we had a bunch of work that needed to get done on this day. the board isn't so busy so i grab all the work and go through what seems to be already separated. this wasn't the case...or at least i didn't like the way people made the sets. i changed everything up and by the end i had about 8 sets going out. thats about 15 a piece...not bad. so now what? i have to decide who to give the work*t!

the decision was made easier by people showing up late...ha! i had work to cover in the loop and it was piling up a bit. as they checked in...if they checked in the loop i kept them there to help cover the board. if they checked in on their way in i had them stop into base...too nice. of always doesn't work out this way but this day was just flowing right. i did have a couple guys rock stuff out in the loop before bringing them into base to pick up a set.

around one o'clock things started to simmer down but the car board was getting slammed. although it was cold and windy out i had many of my crew help out with whatever i thought could be handled in these conditions. 1141 who is used to car work hasn't had a decent set in a while cause of how slow we have been but i was able to hook him up pretty decent...

1141...go ahead., umm...feel like doing distance today? i know it's pretty crappy out but...well, what do you say?

1141...what do you have in mind?, i got three at the mart going west. west chicago and hubbard. i got one at 325 lasalle going on wolcott and a 19 lasalle going on wolcott. you in?

...i don't even know why i asked if he was in. five car runs are rarely, if never, denied. he rocked all five and i caught him out west..., yo. i got a west lake bringing you in.

1141...perfect. it's been a while since i've had a car set. feels good.

...1141 had me angry on friday for a silly reason. see, the man denied some packages i needed help on because he would have to take his helmet off at the pick up. i was super pis*ed...i mean, how can anyone deny work? especially right now...especially solos!! then i walked outside to get home that night and remembered that it's cold and windy out. thank you to my crew for helping me out is much appreciated...peace.

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