Thursday, June 25, 2009


this isn't really a congratulatory story but you'll see where im headed in a few. anyway...before i begin please know that not all our messengers are as special as this man. to keep it even more safe i won't say his number but for the sake of argument we will refer to him as dan? yeah...that works.

so...i didn't receive the call but was around when the other order taker was telling us the story. a customer called to complain about one of our drivers. before i continue i would like to say that thank God it was one of our drivers and not our bikers. although we have special bikers our drivers are a bit more "unique"? i'll continue...the customer had a couple complaints about dan. first, when he showed up to the pick up he immediately, without asking permission, went around the counter and treated himself to some water and used the sink to rinse his arms and! what a maniac. i know it's hot out but at least ask permission. im sure the ladies would have been more than gracious to help dan out.

he finally leaves and im sure the ladies would have let that slip if it wasn't for the next half of the story. at the drop he delivers flowers, sorry, forgot to mention he picked up flowers. anyway...he delivers the flowers and in a raised voice says..."congratulations, you have a package". i know, i don't get it yet...whats wrong with that? first off, it's kinda silly to say congratulations. i understand that they are flowers but why say anything beyond..."i have a delivery for so-and-so"? well...turns out the flowers were for someone who just had a death in the family...oops! who the f*ck says congratulations to someone who is mourning the loss of someone?!?! i told you we have "unique" drivers. i have no idea what will happen to the driver but i know it won't be pretty.

will this be a lesson learned? i have no idea but i hope all you messengers who actually read this silly sh*t learn to not be a jerk like dan...peace.

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