Thursday, June 25, 2009

did the world stop?

no it did not. it kept turning and turning just the way it's supposed to but...for a few minutes, it felt like it stood still. no, i take that back...things were still moving. calls were still coming in for orders. we were still dispatching orders. we were still on top of things but we were all glued to the tv or internet waiting to hear if it was true. i apologize if you thought this was a bike messenger story...michael jackson has passed...

so many hits to chose many memories. my mom even called me to tell me the news and she started telling me stories about how i had the red jacket. how i used to steal buttons from my sister to take to girls at school. how i practiced the moonwalk time and time again. i understand that many don't care but i do...why? memories i guess. im a sap? who knows...i just felt like saying something. R.I.P M.J...peace.