Monday, June 8, 2009


things have changed dramatically in the office. that being said, i will not be dispatching as much as i used to. i guess at this point i should just be grateful that i have a job but it doesn't feel very good. why? well...i love dispatching and thats been taken from me. not anyone's fault...just some changes that had to be done in this struggling economy. it is what it is.

on another note, i still get to dispatch the last two hours of my shift...ha? it's actually kind of annoying cause many disappear by the time i get on the radio. where do they go? home? to another job? i have no idea but i do know that all i get is silence when i call them for work. today seemed slow all day until, ofcourse, i get on the radio...

6731...hey, i got a flat. you're gonna have to take that package off of me. don't worry about it. have a goodnight.

6758...five eight. up?

6758...just caught a flat. im at one of the drops but i won't be able to drop the other one.

...f*ck!!! are you serious?!?! first off...there's about five people who didn't show up to work. not a huge deal cause it's slow. second...about six people leave without checking out so i was under the assumption that they were still working. third...why don't these cats have tubes and/or patches?! any good messenger knows you fix and go and if you're really good your dispatcher will never know. i let go of a couple people early cause it was slow at the time and i wasn't thinking people would be getting flats and not be able to fix them. it's a mad scramble. all i have are 6721, 6414, and 6761 for the next hour and half. i keep hoping we can get through it and then it starts...solo after f*cking solo start coming in. at this point i got the three of them just picking up and the drops would come later. i had them holding packages that i knew would be ok to leave. i had them holding packages that i knew i had called the client and asked or extra time. little by little the work got done. some jobs didn't quite make it cause people left but, again, it is what it is. i worked with what i had...not to knock the three that stayed with me. in that last minute hustle they all made decent money. not great but pretty good. not only that...they hustled their a** off and got it done.

thank you to them for helping me gonna miss trying to figure out routes for x amount of messengers. this new position should be interesting. like i said, i won't be dispatching as much...can't wait for more late evenings. i have a feeling it's gonna be like this for a while. not sure how long i can handle this new position. like i said, i love being a dispatcher...peace.


Jeff said...

Bummer man. Looks like you know the positives of the situation. Sorry it still sucks.

Anonymous said...

um this hook thing on my lever isnt getting between my rim and tire