Thursday, June 4, 2009

i won't do that again...

i hate to sound repetitive but...well, actually i don''s been slow. that being said, me and scott have tried to steal as much car work as we can to keep our crew busy. whether it's distance or weight...we grab what we feel is doable. i sent 6752 to grab a car solo...solo's are our fastest most expensive runs...

6752...five-two. up?

6752...this is a heavy box. know. i told you it's a car solo. paying good loot but that it was a 20 lbs box. you should be able to handle it.

6752...i think it's heavier than 20 lbs. more like 30. i said. it's paying a car solo. just rock it real quick and get paid.

...i know what you cats are thinking. why do i keep insisting he take care of this. it's dangerous to ride with such a heavy box around town. was going from 21 south clark to 70 west madison...holy sh*t!!! now thats distance!! for those of you not from being sarcastic. the delivery is less than a 1/4 block. he's not going to ride the box over...he just has to walk across the street with it. it's gotta be like 30 feet or so of walking. he gets to the drop... they made me take the box up. that took a while. they wouldn't take it at the messenger center. umm...i figured you would. like i's paying a CAR SOLO. you're not going very far and there's nothing to do.

6752...well, im just saying. it was heavy and then i had to wait for the freight. you what. i won't do that to you again. it's paying good loot but obviously it's not worth it.

...this cat rather sit around for 30 or more minutes than make some money. if it was going two blocks away then i would sympathize but cry me a f*cking river. i've had other cats rock more weight and more distance with that weight than this. i won't do that again...thats a promise. he won't get no car love anymore. sh*t...i had 6414 rock a 20 lbs box from 21 south clark to the tower...thats at least five blocks. i had 6721 pick up two banker boxes from the tribune building to washington and michigan or somewhere near there...that means he has to cross the damn bridges with two big a** boxes.

God bless five-two...i have my suspicions about him but thats another be continued...peace.


geovrybody said...

Some of these windy city crybabies don't know what's what. That was an easy, quality run. I'd have done that in 5 seconds and begged for more. :-)

Pcon Minnesota said...

We used to call those "cake" runs. Really sweet cake! Rookies..

Anonymous said...

shit especially with the industry tanking such a cake run is to beg for! wiener.