Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2nd place...

here comes chicago around the corner...looks like they're gonna win it. go ahead and put your arms up chicag...wait, wtf?!?! congrats to stockholm for coming from behind and making it happen. what am i talking about? well...

looks like stockholm gets the tokyo funraiser cup...congrats again. it was an exciting finish...

Congratulations to the Stockholm messenger community.
The Cup is theirs! ...and of course the two free registration spots for the
CMWC2010 in Panajachel. Thanks to everybody who helped to diminish the loss
of the TKBMA. Once more we have proven that we can be proud of our community.

there are a few feel good stories to help chicago get over losing at the last minute. first, we can rest easy that chicago did it's best to help tokyo in their time of need. i guess all cities involved can feel good about this...in total the messenger community raised...10,603.oo...damn!! they deserve all the help they can get. second, chicago got second for heaven's sake!! we only lost by 100.oo! we gave a damn good fight. third, i thought i read somewhere that 2nd place would get a certain someone as a consolation prize in a clown suit. who's the real winner here?

again, congrats to all who helped. it's nice to see the community come together for some feel good action...peace.

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P. said...

Thanks for a good "fight", Chicago, and for pushing us in Stockholm to the limit. We had a nice little last minute fund raise during the night.