Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i always like calling 6721 late in the day for jobs going north cause i know he lives north. i can usually give him a decent set of car runs to end his day...sometimes. i do the same for cats who live west...and so on. anyway, we get this run from a certain client just about every night going north...for the most part they've only been envelopes? at least that was my understanding. lately, the packages have been a big box of sorts...

6721...two-one. up?'s a box. it says it's pizza inside. it's pretty light but it's just to big and in this weather im not sure i want to ride with it going north. completely understand. its nasty out.'s light though? i doubt it's a pizza. the instructions are to throw the box over the fence at the drop. no signature required.

6721...i don't know. i guess i can open it and put the stuff in my bag?

...i instructed the two-one to open the box up. we have stuff we can bag the packages in for nasty weather so it wouldn't get damaged. i the box and break it down. get to the drop and put everything back in the big deal, right? well...'re not gonna believe this. it is a pizza!! that doesn't even make sense. the order says to throw it over the fence.

...i can't believe the client is ok with us taking pizza and simply throwing it over a fence. it's food for heaven's sake. sure, it's boxed up but still. just another weird delivery in these cold days. i had the messenger take the box to one of our downtown sites to tape up the box again and had a driver scoop the box up. all is well? the pizza got thrown over the fence and 6721 still ended up with a couple of other runs taking him home. he still said he could probably take the pizza and deliver it but...i guess we couldn't risk it? who knows...silly clients...peace.

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