Monday, December 14, 2009

thats gotta hurt...'s not that type of hurt. not a physical pain...well, technically it is? let me explain. 1141 is on o.g. of the industry...he's been around for a long a*s time. he's also one of our more dependable cats...distance, problem. anyway...i called him on wednesday to pick up a box going west...!

1141...yeah, go! a box paying a car solo going west. you going home right? want to check it out?


...i thought all was well. it was nasty out and he lives out west so i thought it would be a good way to get him out of the weather. a high paying job that didn't even need a signature. well...i was wrong...

1141...say julio...i don't think i'll be able to take this box. the clients are really adamant about not getting the box wet and it's pretty nasty out. hear you. you sure you can't take it? the car board is'll be a minute before i can get a car over there. worries. i'll wait it out a bit...let me know what you can come up with.

...well, i found the solution. i had of the new guys on the crew but not new to messengering. he was picking up another car solo going west just a few blocks from the box. i asked him to get his hands on some plastic bags and head over to 1141 and deliver the box for us.

i knew he would take it...i knew that 1141 just wanted to go straight home. if it wasn't cold and wet out i know for a fact 1141 would have rocked out the box but riding in this weather all damn day...he had enough. like i said before...the man is a vet so i have no problem telling him not to worry about it...he's been there for me plenty of times. i called 6788...!

6788...go ahead., after you pick from the tower head over to 101 north and meet up 1141. he's got a box going west that he can't handle. make sure you have some plastic bags with you. problem. i'll get some bags from the messenger center. i should be able to handle it. more thing, i know 1141 is refusing the box cause he just wants to go home sooooooo go easy on him. he's been out there a while and is pretty big...try not to make too much fun of him...ha! it's gonna hurt him when he sees that i found another biker to deliver the box.

6788...oh man. i'll take it easy but i should still be able to poke at him a little...right? all means, we all deserve to be made fun of at times...ha! i don't know what he told him but when eighty-eight pulled up 1141 acted like he would just go ahead and deliver the box. hahahahaha! silly him...knowing damn well he didn't want to. his pride hurt just a little...poor bastard. i don't blame him for wanting to get out of this sh*t as quickly as possible. i found the whole situation hilarious but, at the same time, it was like watching the torch being passed. 1141 passing the torch to that i know he'll gladly hold up.

thank you to both of them for coming out to play in the sh*tty weather and thank you to our entire crew. all i am is the dispatcher, even then, not all the time, but just know that the hard work does not go unnoticed.